A Rigorous Academic Program with a Heart

Welcome to the core of the Humanities Center - its academic program. This program is a challenging and rich academic experience that also weaves a sense of family among its participants.

The curriculum at the Humanities Center engages students in study that is both broad and deep. It immerses students in core humanities courses that connect the threads of social studies, literature and culture both chronologically and geographically. The result is a picture of the human experience that makes sense. In addition to the core Humanities courses, students will explore a broad range of challenging science, math and elective courses.

A student must take a world language through the fifth year OR take both modern and a classical language for a combined number of 4 years (for example, Spanish for 3 years and Latin for 1 year).  Two years of required physical education and health may be taken in place of an elective, as an after school class or a summer class.  

All Humanities core courses are honors level and will lead to an Advanced Studies Diploma with a special Humanities seal.  Colleges look favorably on students who participate in an academically rigorous program.

Humanities Core Courses:  

  • Perspectives on the Human Experience

  • Humanities English

  • Humanities Social Studies

Requirements beyond the Humanities Core:  

  •  World Language - Two options:

    •  One world language through the 5th year (AP) of study 


    • Both a modern AND a classical language for a combined number of 4 years  

  • Science - 4 courses from at least 3 different scientific disciplines 

    • 9th Grade Humanities students are required to take Humanities Biology

  • Math - 4 courses which must include at least three different selections from among: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or other mathematics courses above the level of Algebra II.

    • For Humanities Students who are double accelerated in math, Algebra II will be taken in 9th Grade

  • Health and PE:   Two years are required.  There are 3 options in attaining this requirement.  

    • Health and PE may be  taken as a course during the regular school year in place of an elective

    • Health and PE may be taken as an after school class

    • Health and PE may be taken as a summer class

  • Service Learning - 1 credit that is received at the end of the senior year, for service work done over the entire four years a students is enrolled in the Humanities program.

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