Our Students

Our students are curious about the world — where we have been and where we are going. They ask questions. They are interested in history, literature, languages, architecture, politics, science, philosophy, and the arts — and the cultural contexts from which they emerge. Our students read books (and blogs), watch films (and movies), and listen to symphonies (and songs). They have a voice — on the page and in conversation and debate. They have healthy and active imaginations. They learn through reading, listening, making, moving, and doing. They embrace the complexity and nuance found in the world and in each other. Our students are athletes, artists, performers, and volunteers - each remarkable and containing multitudes.

For some, studying the humanities is a life-long passion that inspires and directs education and vocational interest. Many of these students continue to explore history, writing, and the visual arts. For others, studying the humanities and liberal arts builds a strong foundation of critical and creative thinking propelling their education and vocational interest towards STEM, Business, Finance, and more. Students arrive from different places with different perspectives, each with different destinations in mind. Each student discovers his or her own path and direction, not alone, but together, with support from teachers, families, and classmates.

Our Alumni

As Humanities Graduates continue their trajectory of learning and growth, and further their formal education, in the arts and the sciences, we find them studying at variety of colleges and universities, both near and far. Our graduates study a wide range of disciplines, and they find our rigorous curriculum and our emphasis of service and citizenship has amply prepared them for their university studies - and the world beyond.

Our Graduates Are:

Writers, Doctors, Artists, Scientists, Musicians, Engineers, Designers, Teachers, Programmers, Consultants, Curators, Lawyers, Lobbyists, Accountants, Physical Therapists, Editors, Psychologists, Managers, Ministers, Administrators, Officers, Researchers, Fiduciaries, Journalists, Etc.

Below you can read a few reflections from Humanities Graduates.


"I like the integration of the core classes within the program. When you learn about something in World History class, you may write about it in World Literature class. It takes your weak points in a subject and allows you to make these weaknesses some of your strong points."

Member of the Class of 2011

“I have two favorite things about the Humanities: The curriculum and the family feel.  I plan on attending a liberal arts college and the intense, but manageable Humanities Center curriculum will help me there. The experiences of working in groups and in Socratic seminars have been wonderful preparations.  The other great thing about Humanities is how close we all get - the faculty and the students.  I truly feel I have a strong family behind me.”

- Member of the Class of 2009

"What I like best about Humanities are the open minds, thoughtful conversations, and variety of viewpoints that our curriculum encourages.

- Member of the Class of 2008

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