Our Mission

The Center for the Humanities exists to engage students in a rigorous, interdisciplinary learning environment that supports, develops, and encourages academic, intellectual, social, and emotional flourishing.  Through the study of the liberal arts and humanities, students cultivate curiosity, creativity, imagination, and critical thinking so that our individual and collective past and present can shape the direction of our future.

Our History

The Humanities Center was founded in 2000.  Our first class graduated in 2004.  Since that time, the Center for the Humanities has produced hundreds of graduates who have entered an impressive variety of colleges and universities.  These graduates have gone on to assume a diverse array of roles in the real world.

Humanities students are led through a challenging and engaging curriculum by award winning educators with diverse areas of expertise and years of teaching experience.  Students share a core of classes with Humanities Faculty and their fellow Humanities students, but also take numerous classes outside the Center, where they become vital contributors to Monacan High School as a whole. 

Through the study of the humanities, students are exposed to ideas and experiences in history, science, literature, philosophy, and the arts. As students read, write, and engage in discussion, they think critically, learn to express themselves clearly, and adapt to changing circumstances.

What kind of education will be most useful ten or fifteen years from now, when technologies we haven’t thought of yet are changing our lives? Those who have mastered the skills of listening carefully, asking insightful questions, and solving problems will be equipped for success no matter where the future takes us.  These are the kinds of people who graduate from Monacan High School's Center for the Humanities.

Chesterfield County Public Schools does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, age, religion, disability or national origin in employment or in its programs and activities.