The Greek Olympics

The Greek Olympics

While reading, writing, observing, listening and talking can all be part of any learning experience, it is the doing that really makes what we learn stick.  

For students at the Center for the Humanities, projects are one important way that lessons are made to come to life. Throughout all four years of the program, students are asked to come together in small groups to explore some of the broader ideas brought to light in their classes.  

In most of these projects, students are asked to fuse knowledge examined in their history, literature and Perspectives classes into a single, cohesive whole. The opportunities available for creativity, cooperation and even humor easily make these learning experiences some of the most meaningful and memorable for Humanities students.

Storytelling and Skits, Musical Performances, Documentary Film, Painting, Sculpting, and Photography are just a few of the ways students learn to express their learning.

Humanities 2016 Senior Documentary
This is a documentary focusing on Project SEARCH made for our final project of our senior year in high school. Project SEARCH is an organization focused on teaching young adults with autism the skills they need to succeed in the working world. None of the music in this video belongs to us.

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